Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's hard to believe five months has already gone by. Little Miss Abigail's personality just keeps showing more and more. She has discovered that her hand and fingers taste pretty good when she can't find her pacifier. She is talking and smiling more and more. She enjoys looking at the pictures in books. She sits pretty well while we are reading them. She is starting to sleep longer in the night - never thought three hours of straight sleep would be so beautiful - maybe it will last.... Abigail is such a good baby - even if she has a hard time not being the center of mommy's attention at times.... We love her very much!

Another cheesey side note - April 8th marked three years for John and I meeting on our blind date!.... Where does time go? Now look where we are...

Daddy was looking at a Legos Catalog, and Abigail thought it looked interesting, too.

Measuring up at 21 weeks!! Wow.... She has got to be close to ten pounds by now.

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Tanya Leigh said...

Check her out! It is SO much fun watching their little personalities come through :)

LOVE the header picture, too!