Sunday, June 28, 2009

AZ Science Center

The Arizona Science Center has a Lego display for the next few weeks. If you know John well, you probably know that he loves Legos. While John's sister and her family were in town (before we left for Greer) we went to the Arizona Science Center with most of his family. We had a fun time!!

Here is Abigail sitting forward in her stroller for the first time -- It sure looks like she likes it!

Discovering the "big" Legos. They had a special section for the little ones. I debated about the germs -- since her hands go in her mouth so much now, but I figured I would just watch her closely and clean her hands when we were finished.... Look how well she is starting to hold herself up.

Daddy sharing his love of Legos with Abigail.

The Lego display had a castle with a throne and other things inside -- so here we are sitting on the throne.... It was a fun day!!

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