Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eight Months Old

Time is flying so very quickly -- Abigail is already 8 months old!! I love watching her little personality come through more and more.

She is generally a very happy little baby, but eating and sleeping are things you do her way and on her time.

She continues to discover that her hands and feet are good for getting her things, and she can sure get her arms and legs moving. It is so fun to watch her focus on something, and then try to get it. She is still learning how to coordinate her hand movements. She just kind of throws her hands at something - and sometimes she can pick it up -- and then is pretty happy. It is cute how she sometimes gets frustrated when she can't get something she wants.

She is rolling over more and more -- and someday soon may figure out that rolling can get her somewhere.... We let her try the walker at Grandma Merrill's house today -- she thought moving around was a fun idea, but it was from mostly being pushed around.

Abigail is still a fabulous sleeper. Tonight, she could not wait for me to stop singing and talking to her - and just wanted to be in bed.

She is making more and more sounds and laughter. She has also discovered a little bubble blowing in all of her drooling. Her clothes are sure getting wet in the day -- and even a bib can't seem to last long before it is all wet.

Friday we went to a follow-up eye doctor appointment. Abigail's eyes continue to be developing properly so far. Woohoo!! More blessings to count. Preemies often have eye troubles.

Bath time is becoming even more fun in our household. Our new routine is to bathe her in the evening, just before bed, after eating cereal. She is starting to kick and splash more. The last couple of nights we have been giving her some foam bath letters to play with, and she has fun playing with them... more opportunities to get the video camera rolling.

I love how cute she looks when she sleeps.


This picture is from the Fourth of July. Abigail was having fun being fed by Grandma Amy.

Here are Abigail's two most recent bear pictures.

We love you Abigail!! We are so grateful that we get to have you in our family. We love that you love us. It sure does make our day (and melt our hearts) when you get so excited to see us.

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