Friday, October 9, 2009

11 Months Old

I am having some number confusion in my brain because, today, while we were at the store, someone asked how old Abigail was. I replied that she would be eleven months on Sunday. Somehow in the conversation with the sweet ladies, dates were being mentioned and I suddenly realized that today she is eleven months old.... Crazy!! Sometimes, I really don't know what day we are on.... I need to get serious about planning her first birthday party!!

Little Missy here is just growing up so fast. She is mobile, pushing out teeth, eating well, getting some more hair, and just melting the hearts of her parents all the time. We are so grateful for her.... I am starting to get a little into "remembering" mode as I begin to think about where I was a year ago and all that happened in our lives (and the lives of loved ones) starting this month and leading up to Abigail's arrival -- This year has sure gone by fast -- and currently, I am waiting for the call to hear that my brother's little boy has arrived. Woohoo!!


Stephanie Bodine said...

Wow! She is growing up so fast! Such a cutie! Grant has the same little push cart/car thing. He loves it!:)

Ali said...

Ahh, can't believe it's been almost a year already! My baby turns 5 the same day yours turns one! She's so precious! WE've been out of town last two sundays so can't wait to see everyone again! xo's