Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dare Devil Baby

Abigail loves my piano so much that we can't turn our backs long at all before we see attempts like this. She uses her favorite chair for more than just sitting.

Our sweet little miracle baby will be 15 months old this week -- making her a 12 month old with her corrected age. Woohoo!!

As of her latest trip to the doctor she weighed 20lbs 7oz.... Side story: She now screams and fights when getting weighed. It makes for some difficulty getting an accurate weight. Plus, I am sure that she now knows what shots are.... She got her latest round of her monthly Synagis (RSV prevention) last week. She starting crying-even before getting poked- when she saw what the nurse was holding -- I felt so sad for her.

She can pretty much walk now, but is kind of half walker/half crawler -- and LOVES it! She doesn't quite get "mama" or "dada" out, but she seems to be saying "this". She will call to us upstairs as she stands by the gate (She usually wants whatever parent is upstairs, compared to the one downstairs with her.) She has busted out teeth numbers seven and eight. She has become a little more picky in her eating. Sometimes she refuses to eat, unless it is coming from off our plates. So -- we try and pretend to take a bite of hers or we grind our meal up, but put it back on one of our plates to give to her while we eat.

She continues to make great developmental progress. I just keep counting my blessings. Her Chronic Lung Disease is our biggest issue. It has her at high risk for getting and staying sick, but we seem to keep on top of it - hope that continues. We still have to be careful with our outside time because she gets stuffed up so fast. The pulmonologist says we may be able to grow out of it, instead of turning it into Asthma -- so that is our goal.... We get to give breathing treatments multiple times a day - which she usually sits through really well.

She is just growing up so big and changing all the time. She loves to smile and laugh and run our household. We just love her!

We now have a gate blocking the kitchen (in addition to the one blocking the stairs) so that we can keep her from emptying the kitchen cupboards.

She has discovered the greatness of straws -- We think it is quite cute!!.... I shared some of my rootbeer with her.


Susie Faye said...

keep her from emptying the kitchen cupboards??? what fun is that? what's the point in being a kid if you can'tbe constantly making messes! Right? She is such a cutie, I just wanna squeeze her!

Maris said...

I love that she's a dare devil... that ought to keep life pretty exciting around your house! Hope things are going well for you!