Friday, September 3, 2010

Life's Miracles

I try to think and give thanks for my precious Abigail everyday, but I try not to always talk about her to others all the time (though I don't mind when it is brought up). Recently, I had two opportunities to do so that helped me think a little more in depth than I usually do all the time.
One of the things they were talking about in Primary this month was the Miracles of Christ. One Sunday I was asked by a member of the Presidency to talk about our miracle with Abigail. I happily obliged and enjoyed finding a picture that would should how small she was and also one of her early diapers. It was nice to be able to share that with the Primary children. I told them that I could to describe the miracle in two ways: 1)The doctors were unsure if Abigail would live when born so early and 2)If she did live, they were unsure of the life she would be able to live.... I don't know why the Lord allows some mothers to keep their babies here and why he calls others home and why some preemie babies have so many struggles in life.
I am so grateful for my little miracle baby and the joy she brings each day to my life. I still get emotional at times watching her sleep or stopping to think how big she keeps getting.
The second time occurred this passed week as I was getting something out of my wallet at an office. I didn't realize I had Abigail's NICU picture open, but the lady said something like, "Oh, is the baby in the picture alright?" I took a second to realize she was saw the picture. She apologized for being nosy, but I told her it was no problem at all and that I love to tell people how great she is doing.
However, I have also been reflecting on the little miracles in life that can be missed.... Life being what it is for us right now, our grocery budget is needing to be super stretched. When looking through our finances one day, I discovered that our budget had come VERY significantly under its limit for that month. I have yet to figure how it is even possible, but we have decided to count it as a little miracle we needed at our lives at the time.
Another occurred this past week.... A while back we purchased some prepaid auto services for both of our cars - which we calculated would save us a good chunk of change in the end (and it was stuff we would need for the cars over time - like oil changes and tire rotations). Well, at some point one of the prepaid cards disappeared. We searched what we thought was everywhere, got frustrated, and eventually counted it all as a wash between what we had already used on it and the money we would still be saving with the other card. (However, I was still bothered that it could just disappear.)
The other I was getting the checkbook or something out from where we keep that stuff -- and there was the missing card. I figured it was just the card we always had, but told John. He thought the remaining card was in the car.... It was and we now have both cards. We are both quite baffled because the card was found in a spot that we are both very sure we each looked - probably multiple times. We decided to count it as another miracle in our life.
I am so grateful for the miracles, big and small, that the Lord sends to us. I continue to try and be better about taking time to notice the small ones - that aren't always as easy to notice.

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Carla said...

Great post Kim! You did a great job sharing your story about Abigail in Primary. My kids came home and we talked about that tiny diaper you showed us. It was a great visual. Thanks for reminding me to look for the little miracles that happen in my life.