Thursday, December 23, 2010

Summer Project

Ya -that's right....Summer Project - trying to catch-up....Towards the end of the summer I finally figured out what I wanted to do in our Master Bathroom. As you can see from the before pictures, it was pretty much all white. We are pretty proud of our work, and things went pretty well - except a mishap with the toilet, but at least the whole things didn't need replacing. I also have yet to touch up a few spots between the ceiling and wall..... I have been wanting to post pictures for awhile, but kept forgetting. Today, I cleaned the bathroom and remembered to take pictures before it was dirty again.... John and his dad did a great job tiling the floor. I was inspired by another friend to refinish the cabinets to somewhat match our bedroom furniture color. I learned a lot for the next time I take on a project like that, but I am not looking to do so very soon.


No Doors...


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