Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Help Yourself, Abigail

It's usually our own fault for leaving something out, or turning our back - even if just for a moment - but Abigail acts quick to our mistakes.

There was nothing in the cup, but apparently she thinks it fun after watching us do it.

I was getting something from the pantry when I heard the laundry stop - just feet away. I decided to hurry and change it....

Aunt Kathrine gave us a little chair that her boys were not using.... It is pretty much Abigail's new favorite thing. We got home from church today and she went right over and sat in it. It is cute watching her make herself rock. She has also discovered, that when next to the couch, the chair makes a great step stool to the couch.

I rarely, if ever, put pictures of Abigail in just a diaper on the blog, but I couldn't resist the cute smile she is making or how grown-up she looks just lounging in the chair below.

Enjoying the chair while modeling some new pajamas. I got a great deal on lots of pajamas from a day after Christmas sale from Kohls.


Susie Faye said...

she's so adorable! i am sorry i missed your call the other day. i will call u back..i have pics up of abbie so that gracee will recognize her when we see her again. i love the one of her and aisley, it's up in the pic. collection in our room. talk to ya soon.

Sara said...

Hi Kim! Love your blog :) Quick question: Do you ever sub?? I'm in need of a substitute for my 6th graders Tues - Thurs. next week as I'll be out of town for a funeral...thought an old Webster alum may be my best bet :) Let me know!