Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thatcher Trip #1

The last few weeks has been very busy for our little family. On top of our awesome trip to Colorado and family Easter gatherings, the choir I play for had a big fundraising dinner/concert, and we went to Thatcher, AZ to see my two sisters. Our first trip was to see the school musical. This year it was "The Putman County 25th Annual Spelling Bee". The small part of it I got to see -- I really liked. My sisters are awesome performers. I knew Marilee's voice had really blossomed (or whatever you want to call it), but I had not heard Tiffany in awhile. Wow!

Mine and John's question was, however, if a musical like that can make it to Broadway, why can't his cousin Rob's ("Blackbeard") make it? Anyway! That is just our little commentary. It was a good musical, but so is Rob's.

We left half-way through because I couldn't even keep Abigail quiet out in the lobby. She was just wanting to be into everything, but I should count my blessings she wasn't grumpy because we learned a couple days later that she had double ear infections -- explaining the cry outs at night we were having.

For about the last decade my family has been making trips to Thatcher with often having a daughter or two there. The trips are usually very quick. John and I decided to make a day trip out of this one and not rush so much. We stopped in Globe for awhile and also attempted a picnic at San Carlos Lake. We almost missed out chances to meet Jefferson, Tiffany's new good friend--who we all really like, but that all worked out, too. (We are excited to see what happens there -- really great guy!)

San Carlos Lake -- Our picnic didn't last very long. A cute little girl only wanted to run for the water.

Having fun at a nearby park as we waited for the show to start.

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