Friday, November 26, 2010

November Recap

Just like October, November has flown by - but I want to record some of what has happened, at least for me.... John and I have basically switched roles temporarily while I continue on in my long-term sub job and he works on school and finding a job. It is hard some days and I miss Abigail, but I do enjoy teaching and music. The first couple of weeks in November were rough because I said yes to playing in an orchestra pit - and though it ended well and I worked with great people - it was more than I could handle. One day I saw Abigail awake for 10 minutes. She started revolting and refusing to go (or stay asleep). Once I got home and said goodnight - asleep she went. Glad she still loves her mommy!!

Abigail is full of energy and sometimes we struggle to keep up. Although, she makes us laugh probably everyday and always melts our hearts. She has become a parrot - so we have to be careful what we say. Example - I said "Oh my gosh Abigail!" when she got into the wipes (AGAIN) and she went away saying "Gosh, gosh, gosh!" Some of her latest words are: "ooking" (cooking); cra-er (cracker); wa-er (water)... and my mind is drawing a blank, but she talks up a storm - even if we can't always understand her.... The other day John re-tightened the legs on our table. Abigail discovered she couldn't get the table to make the noises she had created earlier and had something to say about it.

Her two year check-up was awesome! The doctor continues to be happy and amazed by her progress. She is over 28lbs and about 35 inches. She loves pasta and pizza and sometimes bananas and zuchinni. The grandmas must have magical food, because she often eats better for them. She has also become very into babies and caring for them. She needs a sibling -- we agree and wish, but no luck yet.

Hopefully soon I will finish up the other posts with her birthday and other fun happenings in November, but here are a few fun pictures....

She is getting more hair - we can almost put all of it in pig tails.

Soon after getting a kitchen set for her birthday, Abigail insisted on having cereal in a bowl from her set one morning.
Abigail seems to be showing more signs of being ready for potty training -- like digging in her diaper, saying "pee", and trying to regularly remove her diaper on her own - often with success. (Sometimes she does multiple of these things.) So we let her get some Minnie Mouse underwear. She opened the package on the way home and did this.

She wanted to put her new shoes on her doggie - and she is trying to feed the baby doll a bottle.

She gets in "the zone" watching Mickey Mouse -- I had to convince her to back up from the TV.

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Nichelle said...

I ran into your mom yesterday. She told me of your substitute teaching job. I know it's hard being away from Abigail, but you will reap the rewards. Also she told me of a Disneyland trip. Where are the pics of that??? Or is that part of the to be continued? Miss you!