Friday, November 26, 2010


I have been feeling a little reflective lately, but also very grateful.... 2010 has not been the easiest year for our little family. In some ways I am eager for the year to be over and start another year fresh. We celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary with the "official" news of John losing his job. We are still figuring out what to do - so the year is pretty self-explanatory.... Some days have not gone well, and I have certainly not endured as well as I could have on some days. On top of that - I am not going to lie - we are baby hungry over here and have been trying for awhile without success.

With that being said - I feel so very grateful. This year has allowed our family to grow in ways, both collectively and individually, that we could not have grown otherwise. I feel so very blessed to have all that I need and much that I desire. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful support of family and friends.

Along with the year we have had, November is just a reflective month for me now.... Two years ago I was standing at the beside of a precious angel baby - and though I was at peace that all was going as it should, I still wondered what the future had in store for sweet Abigail.

A year ago, I was so excited to be celebrating her first birthday.

This year I am, in many ways, finding it hard to believe that my baby is two. She was so fun to watch with her birthday this year. The day of her birthday was one of my days where I am gone for a long time. I was able to come home for lunch. John was very sweet and had it ready to go when I walked in the door. We enjoyed a nice outdoor picnic.
We also revealed her kitchen set that we got her with some of the birthday money from grandparents.... She has been in love with it ever since.
She was quite eager to help set it up.
We had a little party with family. I was going to go with an "Abby Cadaby" theme and have fun with the name, but since she is in love with Mickey Mouse - AKA "Hot Dog" - we decided on a Mickey Mouse theme.
Here is kind of a picture of the cousins at the party after the pinata -- not sure many were thrilled to be in a picture.
I had fun making her birthday cake this year. It was my second project since taking my cake decorating class this summer. I had some issues with it (like mixing black frosting), but I think overall it turned out well.
I also made some cupcakes.

Abigail was not quite sure about us singing to her, but when it came time to eat cake - she was all about that.

She was spoiled with many gifts, but wasn't thrilled she couldn't play with each one right after opening it.

She got straight to playing with her new toys.

I am so grateful for my sweet little family. I am so grateful for the wonderful husband I get to wake up next to each morning. I am so grateful for the sweet little toddler who keeps me busy everyday and fills my heart with so much love. I am so grateful for our good health and for the many wonderful people we are surrounded by.... Thank you!

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Heather said...

Happy birthday! Such a sweet girl who is growing up too fast! Your cake looks wonderful, well done. I wish you the best on all your endeavors; a job for John and more babies to come your way. I know the feeling and am trying to keep my own hunger in check so I am not always disappointed. Hang in there!