Thursday, April 28, 2011

April in a Flash

As with March, April slipped right by.... Funny story - as I finished up posting about March last night and talked about how Abigail doesn't want to potty train right now, she randomly started stripping down and insisted she had to go potty. John and I were pleasantly surprised. Maybe she is interested again.

Unfortunately, we are finishing up April with a sick Abigail and Daddy. What started out as red and goopy eyes has turned into two trips to urgent care and double ear infections. Plus, it appears that Abigail got some bug bites in some uncomfortable spots. Sadly, she even asked to go to the doctor for it -- at which we got advice for those and antibiotics for her snotty nose and ear infections. So...she was awake this morning, but fell asleep on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. poor girl!! She is sleeping better now, though. Last night I went to leave her in bed and she took my hand inhers. I couldn't leave then - so I stayed by her until she fell asleep a few minutes later - a precious moment I couldn't pass up.

For Family Night early in the month we planted a garden. Grandma Merrill gave us some pots she wasn't using anymore. We have had fun watching their progress.

Abigail was eager to help.

Here's is what they were looking like a few days ago. The poor watermelon is still struggling, but he's still alive.

We have been talking to Abigail about the "baby strawberries" and how we will get to eat them when they are bigger. She was very excited when we found two that were ripe enough to eat.

Plus, our tree is finally growing. We think it has grown more in this past year than it did the first three years we lived here.

Abigail enjoys wearing our shoes and carrying around purses and bags.

We spent the Saturday afternoon with John's extended family at the park. We enjoyed dinner, playing with cousins, and an Easter egg hunt.

It didn't take Abigail long to remember what we do with a basket. However, she also remembered that the eggs have candy in them. She was disappointed at first when these eggs didn't. To keep the candy distribution even, you turn in your eggs at the end of the hunt for a cup full of candy.

Can you tell from any of these pictures that Abigail adores her cousins? - and I'm pretty sure the feelings are mutual.

It's fun that these three cousins are all just months apart. They are always so excited to see each other.

We hope you all had a wonderful April. We did.

Abigail is now talking in simple sentences. "I don't want it" and "Don't touch me!" are not our favorites. She is using her words more and more to tell us what she wants, but if she can't, she just takes your hand and leads you to it. She likes to read the "giptures" with us. One night she very forcibly told Daddy to get his out so we could read. She is saying new things all of the time and she gives great bigs hugs and kisses.

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