Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Pictures

After months of failed attempts to coordinate our busy schedules, my friend referred us to Portrait Innovations for our family pictures. We were very impressed by the results and happy about the price. We weren't sure how Abigail would respond, but the pictures below prove she did awesome. Plus, the skills and friendliness of our photographer was a huge help!

We thought this picture was awesome at representing Abigail at age two -- in love with Mickey and Minnie and wearing cute pig tails.

Here is Abigail in her Easter dress from Grandma Merrill.

Due to the cuteness of both dresses, Grandma Merrill let us get two Easter dresses. Here is the second dress.

Since Abigail was still happy, I even got some pictures in her Christmas dress from Grandma Amy.


Tereks said...

Abby is so beautiful and cute. She has such a contagious smile! Very nice pictures!

Marilyn said...

Great pictures!

Anne said...

She's so pretty, I love all the dresses!

Maris said...

Fun, fun photos! Abby is darling! Hope things are going well!

~aileen~jaron~ said...

Kim! your family Pics look so great! abby is a doll in her dresses!!