Friday, July 15, 2011

June in a Jiffy

When anyone finds the month of June, please let me know....though it wasn't nearly as busy as May, it sure went by fast!

Some cute little cousins were adorable in their first dance recital.

Abigail happily obliged to Grandma Amy's offer for ice cream.

Swimming fun has begun.

We celebrated Father's Day making our Daddy a card and breakfast in bed. We joined my mom's side of the family for dinner...failed in taking pictures with Daddy.

Abigail loves when she gets play with my cousin's daughter.

Grandpa Kyle invited us to the AMY for the new Charles Chultz exhibit.

No way could we leave without going to the little kid section.

Then we went to a nearby park to join in the free fun to celebrate Parks and Recreation....even ended up with a free ticket to Broadway Palm's "Cinderella". (Fun date night at a GREAT price!)

Abigail really enjoyed exploring the police helicopter.

We also enjoyed a super fun day at Uncle Dan and Aunt Mary's for a pool party with the Merrills, but of course I never took any pictures.

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