Monday, August 3, 2009


Last week was a busy week and I am now getting a chance to blog about it....

Pulmonologist Appointment
Tuesday was one of our busiest days: We had another pulmonologist appointment, and I had my annual PCC Camp meeting to attend. I took Abigail with me to the meeting so people could see her -- and it was a meeting where I didn't play the piano. It made it so I could keep her with me. It ended being a rather long day by the end, but Abigail did great and had lots of people smiling. She did so well sitting through the Camp Orientations.

At the pulmonologist Abigail weighed in at a little over 17lbs. The doctor says that she is still doing well. It was sad and funny how Abigail started crying when she was checking her mouth with the tongue compressor - before she would just try and eat it. The doctor said her good cry was another sign of good lungs.

We do have to continue to be careful with her lung development, and now we have one of these:

I figured we would end up with a breathing treatment machine before long. The doctor thought we already had one as we talked about giving Abigail Albuterol(sp?).... It is just for an "as needed" basis, and we actually did our first treatment this morning. Abigail did pretty well for having to sit there for awhile and have something on her face.

A Trip Away from Abigail
Every year the choir group I play for kicks off their season with a weekend camp for the kids to get a head start on music and also to get to know each other.

This camp was the first time I was away from John a couple of years ago, and this year it made the first time I was away from Abigail since she came home from the hospital. However, even in the hospital I still saw her everyday.

We left on Friday and returned home Sunday evening. I only teared up Friday night as I thought about bed time. Most of the trip I was busy, which made it easier not to be too sad to be away from Abigail.... I was very happy to be back!!

While I was gone John took Abigail to Jeepers (or Jungle Jim's -- whatever it is called now) with some other Merrill cousins. He said she had a fun time -- and it looks like it from the pictures I have seen. Here is one of her hanging out in the stroller.

Here is Abigail enjoying her play mat. She loves being able to sit up, and she is getting better at doing it longer.


Nichelle said...

She is so adorable, Kim! I'm glad to know that all is going well for her!

Brittney Blount said...

I can't believe how big she is getting!