Friday, August 7, 2009

Piano Baby

I am working on a practice CD for the group I play for-- and decided to have some fun with Abigail.... Who knows? I am hoping that at least one of my kids enjoys the piano like I do.

The other night John got Abigail laughing quite a bit. This picture sort of captures it -- and no worries -- it is captured on video.... I love how much more she is responding to things. We just love her laugh!!

We often sit Abigail at the table with us. Last night, John took the tray off so she could be sitting closer to the table.... What a cutie!!

And lastly -- Abigail was not thrilled about last night's breathing treatment.... However, she eventually just fell asleep.... I am guessing she was just too tired to try and sit still for it.


Anne said...

She's so adorable playing the piano- I'm sure she'll be great at it with you as her Momma! :)

Liz O. said...

She already looks like she knows what she's doing at the piano!

Nichelle said...

If she is anything like my Emily, it will be hard to get her to stop playing!