Monday, August 10, 2009

Nine Month Check-Up

Abigail had her nine month check-up today.
Here are her latest measurements:
Weight - 17.5 lbs, 25th percentile
Height - 26 in, 10th percentile
Head - 17 in, 25th percentile

The doctor said she is making really good catch-up growth -- She was not even on "the charts" until we had a visit in May or June -- you should see her growth plot line with the growing charts.... Other good news is that we get to start using "regular" formula -- hoping this saves a little bit of money.

Abigail was full of smiles and did a good job.... I just feel so blessed and am grateful for the many miracles in the life of our little girl. Also, thank you to so many for your continued love, prayers, and support! Hard to believe how tiny and delicate this beautiful baby was nine months ago.

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Shelly said...

She amazing little girl!! and soo adorable!!