Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bath Time for Baby

Eyes Wide Open - had my friend come and take pictures of Abby - She didn't seem to like that much.

Nice and clean after bath time - waiting to be bundled back up

So, I gave up Kangaroo Care today, but only because I got to do something else cool. I got to help bathe my little princess. Well, I actually got to do most of it while the nurse told me what to do. We only used little disposable cloths dipped in warm water because she may not be ready for soap on her skin yet. Although, we put shampoo on her head and massaged it a little. I think Abby liked that part because of the way she was moving her eyebrows - takes after her daddy.... Too bad John wasn't there so we could have video taped it - maybe this weekend. I couldn't do bathing and Kangaroo Care in the same couple of hours because babies often get cold after bathing. However, Abby's bed kept saying she was getting warm - She must have liked the bath.


Susan said...

What a cool experience Kim. Ya, I've read Oaks talk on timing. It helped me get through those single years. Definetly a good one. Also, in this months ensign elder bednars is great. It about being thankful for life. But I love elder wirthlins the best right now, its helped me tons.

3in3mom said...

Did Micaela come? How fun to get to do these precious things with your sweet daughter. You can really see how small she is when she's on your chest or when John was kissing her.

Claudia said...

Kim - She is so beautiful! Our hearts are right there with you. Claudia

Tanya Leigh said...

Oh boy, these are precious pictures, Kim. We're so happy to hear she's still improving so well. Keeping you in our thoughts & prayers.