Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone! Sorry that I have not updated you all about Abby this week.... It was sure a fast week.... On Tuesday her nurse noticed she was not being her normal active self and decided to play it safe and run some tests to make sure nothing was wrong. (We had noticed she seemed a little tired Monday, but we just thought she was worn out from how active she had been Saturday - because they told us that was possible.) So of course, being Mommy, I got very worried.... I had to go to PCC rehearsal, but my conductor was very kind and let me leave early. I went back to the hospital and met John there.

The doctor happened to be coming to check on her shortly after I got there. They decided that the tests were showing that she maybe just needed a blood transfusion. Pretty much all preemie babies receive them - and it is usually within the first week on life. Abby's body didn't ask for one for two weeks.

Wednesday Abby was back to her feisty self. Some of the tests are coming back negative and some positive - so, it looks like she has some infection, but the doctor said it is common for preemies to get this. She said it looks like they caught it early and all should be well.... The fact that Abby is back to her active self is a very good sign....

Her color looks good, and she continues to gain weight.... She is doing really well with Kangaroo Care. We sing Primary and Christmas songs to her - and John thinks she really likes "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". We are also finding that I can calm her faster when I touch her. However, when she starts to de-stat, we can often get her to go back up just by John talking. We are also finding that we can do it by softly stroking her head. Her age and size of baby also usually are not ready for that - but Abby likes it. It doesn't work in other areas, but she likes it on her head most times.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Susan said...

I'm glad to hear she is such a fighter!! And, your doctor seems to really care about you and your family. What a great thanksgiving present to have her get better. We continue to pray each day will be an improvement for her.

Tanya Leigh said...

Way to be on top of things. We are sure thankful for the amazing drs & nurses taking care of her.

Love & Prayers.