Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daddy Holds Abby

Abby sure loves her daddy. We already knew that she liked his voice, but she also likes to lie on his chest. Soon after laying her there she starting setting off some of her machines -- but because she was too high and needed her levels of help (like oxygen) to be lowered.... Daddy's Little Girl

It is hard to describe the feelings you feel as you watch your best friend and husband - now father to your child - hold your baby for the first time. They both looked so happy, and I just enjoyed the moment.

Her little eyes seem to keep opening wider and wider for us.

This is not the Kangaroo Care that is optimal for Abby, but I sure loved it because I could look at her precious face while I held her.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so very sweet Kim! All those pictures are precious. I like the ones of you two holding Abby. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Good to see you out and about and you were able to make it to church today :) Hope you have another great week!