Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feeding Tube Taken Out - Try #2

Abigail's feeding tube was taken out Friday evening - on purpose this time. They think she is ready this time--so I hope so. They actually waited for me to give the okay to do it, because they knew I was reluctant after last time. I was hestitant, but I let them do it. I just didn't want poor Abigail to have to go through the process of getting it put back in.... So far she seems to be doing pretty well, but we will see... I hope... She will also probably start receiving formula at times because she has pretty much passed me up with milk supply -- I am about 100cc a day behind her, but sometimes less... The idea was kind of depressing me at first, but I think I am doing better with it. Hopefully, after she comes home I can get more and catch back up to her. I feel blessed to have kept up this long - thought she would have run out awhile ago.

Abby is also free from one more wire. They say she no longer needs the monitor for her blood oxygenation(sp?). It was a thing kept on her foot -- so now her feet are free -- and maybe won't get so smelly between baths....

When we left last night, Abigail was just a couple ounces shy of seven pounds - WOW!!

Modeling a hat that my friend's mom made for her

"Mommy, what are you doing? Can you please stop?"

Modeling (probably one last) preemie outfit - Thanks Grandma Jones

She is so cute when she is sleeping - this picture kind of shows it.... She loves her tummy sleep! She also loves to have her hands out. We try and swaddle them, but she usually gets them back out!

Not a big fan of the scale, but mostly this time because she was left on a little longer so Mommy could snap a picture--other times she is okay on it


3in3mom said...

I sure hope it stays out so you can enjoy your little sweetie at home soon.

Lorianne said...

WOW, KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just have to say that she looks sooooooo GOOD and ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are amazing!!! I am so proud of you and John!! She just looks so GOOD!!!! WOW, just hang in there! Love Ya!