Sunday, February 1, 2009

My New Shoes

How many wives can say that their husbands will go shoe shopping with them?.... I can say it!! Saturday, John and I decided to make it a point to spend the morning together. We slept in (or I went back to bed after pumpings) and went to breakfast at IHOP. I asked him if we could go to Kohl's because I had heard shoes were on sale. (I was in desperate need of black church shoes - mine broke back in August or September. I had just never found any I liked for a price I wanted to pay.).... We also stopped in at Best Buy so John could do some browsing.

John is such a good sport and does willingly go shopping with me once in a while. I am not a great shopper - not always fun for me, but there are a few people who can convince me to buy things.... John helped me pick out two different pairs. I was kind of liking them, but then knew I should buy them when John informed me how much he liked them. John is pretty good at complimenting me, but I really know when he likes something by how specific he is in the comment. So, I knew he liked the shoes.... He received "good training" growing up in a house of a mom and three older sisters.

We also browsed the clearance racks, and John found a VERY cute dress for Abby to wear in a few months. It is black velvet on top and flowy(sp?) pink material in three layers on the bottom with a couple of rose buds. I can already see some great pictures now....

John does not like to go out shopping all of the time, but I am glad he is willing from time to time.... I am one lucky girl!

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Ali said...

Heh Kim! I am not much of a shopper and Brig is! It always makes it more fun when there's someone to give you feedback, especially in form of compliments! Way to go John and I want to see your shoes! Abby looks so adorable and we're praying this will be the week. Keep up all the good work! xo's