Monday, February 9, 2009

Three Months Old - Where does time go?

Here are Abigail's latest measurements:
Weight: 6lbs 7.7 oz Birth: 1lb 14.9oz
Length: 18.1 in Birth: 13.8 in
Head: 13.2 in Birth: 8.8 in
*She is still low from being preterm when compared to term babies, but she is doing well for size in comparison to other preterm babies.

It seems kind of crazy that it has already been three months. She is only there because of eating instability. Today she is going to have a chest x-ray to make sure everything is okay and see if they can figure out why she continues to get so tired eating. With being so early and tiny, she does have lung issues - but she should out grow the problems with age.

It is a little discouraging right now because we want to have her home and some goal dates for home have come and gone. We don't really have a date at this point, except her due date -- February 19th, next week -- which parts of me think may also just come and go.... On the other hand I just feel so grateful that she is even alive with us today. Abby was born so early that her chances of so many things going wrong were VERY high. Countless miracles have been seen in her three months of life
. It is very tearing emotions to be feeling so grateful but discouraged at the same time.

People ask what we need -- We have no idea. All that we know is being with her at the hospital. Your thoughts and prayers have been so helpful. Thank you for your support

Happy 13 Weeks little girl

This is a dress from one of my good high school/college friends. I am looking forward to taking pictures with a better camera and background.... You might also notice that her feeding tube is missing -- don't get too excited. It got pulled out on accident by her mommy (unknowingly) when moving her. I feel bad because of the pain it causes her to get put back in... I was sitting there holding her - hoping for her to go to sleep - when I noticed a chord I didn't recognize. Oops!! Sorry Abigail.

Modeling her Daddy's sunglasses

An outfit Daddy picked out back in November

Abby takes some great naps with her Daddy


Tanya Leigh said...

Oh, she looks just like a newborn!! (yay!) We're still praying for her. Here's hoping she gets all pumped up for all of her feedings! (and, by the way, I don't know if you got my email last week, but that Peek-a-boo cloth is ready! :)

Susie Faye said...

kim, she looks so adorable and chubby in these pics! I love that she up to pretty normal newborn size now, it makes me so happy. I'm praying for you guys to bring her home soon.