Sunday, February 1, 2009

Twelve Weeks Already??

Abby is starting to build up more energy for eating. She is now able to eat whenever she gives cues. We decided today to let her non-nutritive nurse at 2:00 and save her energy for 5:00. It worked well, because she only latched onto me for about five minutes before basically going to sleep. At 5:00 she drank the whole bottle. YAY ABBY!! She is also about to weigh six pounds. Some of her outfits are starting to get snug. Crazy! I thought I was going to get more use out of some of them.

Abby wasn't too thrilled about taking pictures.

Isn't she just so cute??!!

Aunt Wendi got this princess hat for Abby. I hope to take better pictures later. Abby did not like having her nap interrupted.

Getting a back and head massage from Daddy after working hard at eating.

Enjoying some tummy time....

I remember when this outfit was too big at Christmas time.

Our little family growing bigger.... in more ways than one.... Momma needs to start exercising again.... Condo friends -- I may be very interested in joining your morning walks soon - if you are still going on them


shelly said...

Kim your little Abby is so adorably CUTE!! I love looking at her pictures and reading about her progress she is an amazing little fighter!! Your family pictures are so cute and you look great!

3in3mom said...

She is so precious! I love that she looks chunky in the photos now. She has such great parents!

Paul and Jen said...

She is getting so big. She is so adorable.

Tanya Leigh said...

Yay Abby! I can't believe how small that little bear is looking these days. I really thought it was huge at first. :)

Rachel Hanchett said...

we would be happy to have you join out stroller gang!

Tasha said...

Wow, she really is getting so big. She looks so much more like a little baby than a fetus now. I hope all continues to go well and that it won't be long before she's home.

Janet said...

hey Kim, I'm one of your "condo friends", who also just had a baby, and I'd be happy to start walking with you. Just let me know when you're ready and we'll hit the streets. :)

See you soon,