Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby's First Time Sick and "On the Charts"

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later -- Sweet Little Abigail has a respiratory infection. I am glad we caught it when we did so it would not become something like pneumonia.... Thursday night we put her to bed like we normally do, and around 10:00 we heard her crying and kind of gagging. I was expecting to find spit up in the bed because of a spit-up incident last Sunday. The bed was cleaned and it was just saliva we were suctioning out -- but alot of it.... I was a little nervous, and Abigail spent the night with us -- sometimes just on my chest and stomach. She tried to stay asleep, but kept waking up -- and then would go back to sleep after a suctioning.

I debated calling the doctor because I don't want to be the overly dramatic mother who calls about anything, but I just kept thinking I needed to. Plus, with a holiday weekend approaching I did not want her to get worse and have to take her to an Urgent Care or ER with doctors I would not know and who wouldn't have her records.

The doctor said it was an upper respiratory infection, but that we had caught it early.... Considering, Abigail has remained pretty happy through most of it. You can mostly just hear how stuffed up she sounds. She definitely does not like the routine suctioning she gets. She is getting the syrup form of medicine instead of a breathing machine -- won't be surprised if we end up with one of those.... I had been noticing some wheezing earlier in the week, and was watching it to see if it got worse.... With Abigail's prematurity and the time she spent on a ventilator, we will probably have to be extra careful with her lungs and breathing.

The doctor's visit did get us another weight check. Abigail is now just over 13 pounds and has made it to "the charts" for her weight. She is still only in the 5th percentile for her weight, but she is still now on the charts for a six month old. YEAH!!!

Abigail's temporary bed so she can sleep on an incline -- yay for the carseat carrier.... don't mind the very mismatched blankets

Enjoying her new Bumbo chair. This past week we went to a baby shower for me and some other new moms at my (former) school. They spoiled us with many new gifts. Thanks!!

I finally took down the Pack-n-Play after it became more of a laundry holder. It was one of those kind of bitter-sweet things. I want Abigail to get bigger and stronger, but as many moms know, it is happening very fast. Moving her out of our room was just another sign of that to me....


Tanya Leigh said...

She is a tough one! Way to be on the ball, Mama!

the weird neills said...

She is just too cute, Kim! We totally need to get together sometime. Are weekdays or weekends better for you? Weekends are better for me, but I can definitely take a long lunch break. I work in Tempe at Priest and Washington. Maybe we can meet somewhere in west Mesa? Let me know

oboedm at yahoo dot com