Friday, May 8, 2009

More Blessing Day Pictures

*These pictures are courtesy of my wonderful Aunt Becky who is so diligent and great about keeping the extended family photographed and scrapbooked..... Thanks Aunt Becky!

Very Happy Parents

**Gotta love the black shoulder strap in most of the pictures -- yeah for the oxygen!

Grandma and Grandpa Jones

Great-Grandma and Grandpa Jones

Great-Grandma Riding

Grandma and Grandpa Merrill

Nonna (John's Grandma)

Aunt Marilee

Uncle Andy and his family

**I am kind of sad that I never got pictures with the Merrill brothers and sisters that came to the blessing.... Sorry....

Aunt (cousin) Emilie and Brisa

Fabulous former colleagues from work -- both were a great help to me at work and the "journey" to being a mom. One was my former neighbor teacher and was my lifesaver. She was an amazing support my first two years teaching and a lifesaver during the miscarriage. The other brought us a snack bag almost every week while in the NICU -- what a blessing. Thanks ladies!! I am so glad you were able to come.

**P.S. -- If anyone would rather not have their picture posted, please let me know -- debated asking first before posting the pictures....


shelly said...

Those pictures are so cute I really like the one of you and Emilie holding your babies AWWW I really do miss everyone!! You look so happy I'm glad Abigail is doing so well.

Angela Storey said...

Of course you can post it! It was special to come to Abby's blessing. I'm so thankful she continues to grow and improve. Yay Abby! And Happy Mother's Day to you Kim!

Valerie said...

I'm actually a little offended that my picture was not posted. Just joking.

Looks like John has some shorties in the family!