Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Time Swimming

My sisters are all swimmers/lifeguards and have been wondering when and if Abigail would be going swimming this summer -- at least one sister in particular keeps wondering.... I found her a swim suit that could help keep her protected from the sun, and we attempted swimming on Friday night. I was not too sure about using our community pool with the germs and all (a doctor said to avoid public pools), but no one was there at the time....Abigail was not too sure about it all, but I was happy she never got mad -- as the water was a little cold -- and she is not a fan of being cold. We didn't stay very long because of the temperature, but we had a fun time... and then bathed her really well when we got home.


Stephen and Erin said...

Thats a big step!! Love the hat!

Valerie said...

Someday it will be warm enough for James to use his swimsuit--probably in June.

Abby's face is pretty funny--Mom, Dad? Are you sure about this swimming thing?