Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Six Month Check-Up

Monday we went to Abigail's six month check-up at the Pediatrician. We even went in through the "regular" door and sat in the waiting room. Before, we went in through a side door they told us about, and then were immediately put in a room -- to avoid contact with others. I figured we could do things the "normal" way now that she was off full time oxygen -- and the waiting room was virtually empty, thankfully.

Here are Abigail's current measurement comparisons:
Weight: 12lbs 9oz from 1lb 14.9oz
Height: 23.5 in from 13.8 in
Head: 16 in from 8.8in

The doctor is still happy with her progress. He said we could stop the higher calorie diet because she has made good catch-up growth. He also said to stop thickening her milk -- and see how she does -- so far she is doing well. With this wonderful news, we are going to see about doing more with nursing.... We will see what happens.

Abigail also seems to be developing on track. He said we need to have her doing tummy time for fifteen minutes, four times a day -- and increase the amount every few days. We have not made it there so far -- Abigail is not a big fan of her tummy anymore, but we keep trying.

The six month check-up brought Abigail another round of vaccinations. A few hours later we did end up giving her Tylenol, but she seems to be just fine now. As you can see from the picture, little girl spent a good part of Monday sleeping.

We are so grateful she is doing so well!!

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