Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fast Little Mover

This little girl is growing up fast and now getting into whatever she can find. She can crawl pretty much wherever she wants and is already pulling herself up on things. She seems to be cutting multiple teeth, but she still stays pretty happy and very drooly. We are still doing daily breathing treatments, and Abigail usually sits pretty well.... She continues to adore her daddy and gets excited when he is home to play with her.

She loves pulling herself up on the entertainment center and getting into whatever we have left out. I have removed the pictures and decor from the TV. We try to tell her "No" and work on convincing her to come back over to wherever we are, but those attempts have not been successful yet.

She loves her ability to stand up in her crib.

Sunday, we went to Abigail's NICU reunion. It was great to see some of the many doctors and nurses who did such a great job taking care of Abigail. We were really excited to get to see one of her last primary nurses. She was on a ski trip when we were surprised with Abigail's homecoming -- and didn't get to tell her good-bye. We loved knowing when she would be working.

The above picture is one of her doctors. He was very instrumental in getting a NICU established in the East Valley. We also really liked him because he would push Abigail, and we think it helped in her progression. I believe he was the doctor who believed in her and being able to advance to the CPAP (others did not think she could do it yet -- but she was ready and did do it)

The measuring bear continues to look smaller, and for whatever reason, Abigail put her hands out when I was taking the picture.

After the NICU reunion we had a family dinner at my parents', in honor of my brother's birthday and my sisters being in town. Abigail had a blast dancing and playing with her cousin and her Aunt Wendi.

Enjoying her books and toys.... This is the corner where they get put away each night, but they sure don't stay there all day.

Abigail discovered the stairs this morning. Before, she always kind of stopped at a certain point in the living room (pretty much where she is at in the above picture), but this morning she must have been feeling adventurous or something.... We've had the gate waiting to put up when she found them.

Here are some picture attempts at trying to get Abigail to pose in her gifts from Ireland from my parents.


Heather said...

She is so cute! We could have hung out at the hospital the other day, we of course were there witht he babes while you were at the reunion. I can't wait to go to one of those and be out of the NICU. Dr. W is such a nice man! Sometimes I worry about how much they "push" but the babies are resilient and progress is progress!

Kerrie said...

Kim! What a cute girl you have! Isn't it fun to clean up after the trail they leave?! :) She looks like a sweetie! I never saved your blog on my blog and totally forgot you had one! I just found it again! Yeah! I was thrilled! So good to see/hear from you via blog.

Nik and Dawna said...

She is ADORABLE and has grown so much. I remember running into Amy and Kyle at the hospital back in November and they told me what had gone on. That was almost a whole year ago and now she is so big and happy and she seems to have a big huge smile that will never leave her face. What a blessing!

the weird neills said...

She is too cute. Her eyes are so expressive! I love them! =)

the weird neills said...

She is too cute. Her eyes are so expressive! I love them! =)