Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holy Cow -- Watch Out!!....

**Excuse the quality -- it was quick and taken with the cell phone....

Abigail has made some big steps in development today.... Earlier this week she mastered sitting up from crawling position -- which she is quite proud of, but wouldn't you, too?.... It is getting harder to keep her quiet in church, but so far I love that it is my turn to have these challenges. (Yes, I am crazy -- and may not always find joy in that.).... Today in church she discovered grunting, something she used to only do when pooping. John had to take care of her alone during Sacrament meeting because there was a congregational hymn. She tried it during Sunday School, too.

This afternoon we were having fun playing with her -- and she started doing a little crawling. Until now she would pretty much do one move and then stop. So, of course, we were excited and jumping for the camera -- and definitely didn't get it again.

Later we were putting her down for a nap and she was not falling right to sleep. She was playing in her bed - so we started watching her though the cracked open door. We were video taping on and off and coming and going. The next thing I know I see her pull herself up in her bed on one of the short sides. I get John to come and see, but she had stopped. So, we watched through the door again for a little bit and the next thing we know she pulls herself up on the long side of the bed.... Good thing we lowered the bed just the other day.... She was quite happy with herself - and so were we.

It took some effort, but we finally got her to sleep -- I went in and rocked her after finding her just sitting up and crying in bed.

Wow!! She is growing up so fast!


Stephanie Bodine said...

Wow! She is really growing up! Just wait...she will be crawling all over the place and getting into everything before you know it!:)

Valerie Ipson said...

She's come such a long way, hasn't she?!!! Sweet pictures of her on your blog.

cammac said...

Kim! This is Cammy Moffat (Engler) Your daughter is beautiful! She really is growing up so fast. I just wanted to thank you for your blog, my sister's going through the same experience (her water broke at 25 weeks) but she is still in the hospital. Anyway, it gives one lots of hope to see such a strong little girl after going through so much. I'm so glad to see you guys are doing well! Love, Cam
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