Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Zoo Trip

Abigail and I recently returned from a sort of last minute trip to the zoo. My cousin is in town (and leaving tomorrow), and we were looking for something for us to do together. So, we took a trip on over to the zoo. Abigail wasn't really in to the animals, but I think it is because she does not really know what they are yet, and she probably had a hard time seeing what I was pointing at with the trees and leaves. However, she had a great time just being social.

I was hoping for a nap before heading to rehearsal, but Abigail is up from her car nap -- so, I will post about our trip instead (and hope I get her back down soon.)

"Hmm.... I think I may have found something interesting in here."

"What? Haven't you seen a baby ride a gator before?"

"This wall thing is much more interesting than posing for a picture."

And a fun time was had by all. (Thanks, Emilie!!)

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Claudia said...

She is SO cute! What a joy to see how beautifully she has grown. Definitely a miracle.