Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Anyone know where October or the last year went?? Last Halloween I was tired from a day of working/teaching -- and pregnancy making me more tired. I was in the weird transition stage where your regular clothes aren't fitting and maternity clothes aren't really fitting either.... This Halloween I was dressing up our adorable little girl and enjoying being a mommy (even if she will never remember this one).

**Question: Anyone know how to stop a baby from grinding her teeth together? It can't possibly be good for her teeth, and the sound can about send me up the wall.**

We let Abigail try a Halloween cupcake. She was more into the frosting than the cupcake.

A Disney Halloween outfit from the Aunties and their recent Walt Disney World trip.

Another Halloween outfit, courtesy of Old Navy's $2.00 sale.... I got some cute pajamas there also, but didn't get a picture before she got them dirty.

Finishing up Trick-or-Treating

Abigail was very UNthrilled about putting a costume on, but she eventually got used to the idea.

Jackpot!! -- but she doesn't know what she really has, but won't have.... She did get to try a sucker -- which she liked, except when it fell from the stroller and she didn't get it back


Heather said...

I can help ya on the teeth grinding question. Don't sweat it! It is completely normal and can continue well into childhood as their jaw continues to grow and develop. We routinely see children in the dental chair with their baby teeth worn to little nubs. It is not painful to them just annoying to you. She will grow out of it. :)

Anne said...

Abigail is getting so big and her Halloween outfits are adorable! I'm with her on the frosting being better than the cake, too. :)

Liz O. said...

What a cute little spider costume! It looks like she did very well trick-or-treating and got a lot of candy. I bet her Dad won't mind helping her eat some of that. :)