Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Birthday Party

**Sorry to those who wondering where this post has been. I was going through pictures from the different cameras, and it has just been a busy couple of weeks....

It seemed to come so quickly -- my baby's first birthday party. I tried to keep it very simple so that I could enjoy it as much as possible. We were surrounded by close family and friends (who I pretty much count as family, anyway). We ate BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches, with some salads people were so kind to bring. We enjoyed visiting and celebrating that our little miracle was healthy and having a birthday.

I also wanted to give a little shout out of thanks to my sweet husband. He pretty much was the one running around at the party, keeping things going -- I didn't even ask or anything. He just knew I wanted to soak up the moment, and he is just wonderful. (He was pretty tired when we got home.)

Thank you to those who spoiled Abigail with so many wonderful gifts. And -- thank you to so many who have loved and supported us this last year (and throughout our whole lives).

My parents have a large backyard and allowed us to have the party there.... a big thank you to my parents and sisters for getting the yard and house ready.

I was okay with no decorations (except a banner and table cloths or something), but how could I pass up these cute princess lantern things when my sister found them on clearance for $0.25 each??

Aunt Wendi (my sister) was so very gracious and made her a cute princess carriage cake.

Abigail's first Legos -- if you know my husband, you know this was needed

Abigail and Brisa -- with their mommies: Kim & Emilie.... My cousin and I are two weeks apart, and have managed to do many things together throughout life -- even when we didn't mean to. So, it was quite funny when we discovered we were both pregnant - then had the same due date - and to keep it going, we were both having girls!!! (**and no, we did not mean to match at the birthday party**)

Abigail with her friends -- well, at least that's how the mommies hope they turn out....

Happy Birthday!!.... You can't see the balloon she got from Toys'RUs.... We stopped by there on the way home from her one year check-up to look for batteries that were one sale.... She had a great doctor visit, minus the shots!!

I was trying to get a final "weekly measuring bear" picture -- you can see how much she wanted to stay still

What a big girl with her measuring bear!


Anne said...

Happy birthday to your pretty princess! It looks like she loved her cake- so fun!

Heather said...

A very Happy Birthday to Miss Abigail! What a wonderful year. I can't believe how small her bear is compared to her now, that is so wonderful. Great party and super cute cake!

Valerie said...

You & Emilie and Abigail & Brisa are matching. Of course.

Wendi J said...

Yeah Valerie and they said they didn't plan it. I didn't really buy that answer!

Charity said...

I'm getting ready for my little girls first birthday party and loved the lanterns at yours. I don't suppose you would be interesting in selling them to me for my little one's party.