Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting So Big

I bought these window clings during some previous Christmas season and was excited I had a child to share them with this year.... I just thought Abigail looked so big in this picture.

She is getting closer and closer to walking. Tonight in the bath she stood unassisted for probably 10-15 seconds. I think we were all surprised, including Abigail - and John and I started clapping.... John has apparently taught her to grunt, and she is starting to imitate it more. She has also started saying "Ma". I don't think she fully associates it with me yet, but she knows that we respond to it, and I love hearing it.... Today while we were playing she did some walking behind her push toy.... She is just getting big so fast. She is a very happy and pleasant, but she makes her wants clearly known -- giving her a strong personality -- I like to joke it is the Italian blood in her, but I have seen videos from my childhood and know she has it coming from both sides.... She has almost mastered clapping. If you hold your hand out for a high five, you will often get it.... She is full of so many smiles and hugs. I LOVE IT!!!

We had a busy week going to concerts for the aunties. It was fun, but Abigail eventually informed me she had had enough. Once we got home, she was happy as could be seeing her daddy and playing with her toys.... The above picture is from when we got back from our quick trip to Thatcher to see EAC's Festival of Carols. Abigail had a rough trip back home -- hearing her daddy's voice on the phone calmed her down.

Our Primary children met their new teachers for next year at a pajama pajama last Saturday morning. They also had a special visitor -- Abigail seems to be wondering who he is....

Here she is enjoying her toys.... She crawls and climbs into what seems like everything sometimes. If you or something are in her way, she just goes right over you.

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