Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bath Time

Tonight, while giving Abigail a bath, my thoughts went somewhere between thinking about journaling (my lack thereof -- a little sweetie did something to the power cord to the laptop I have my journal on) and how much I loved bath time while Abigail was in the hospital.

I still enjoy bath time with Abigail, but it was one of my favorite things to do with Abigail while she was in the NICU. It made me feel like I was really taking care of my child. Eventually, John and I could bathe her without any assistance, and since that was one of the few things we could do without help, I loved being able to do it. It made me feel more like her mom.

I most especially loved bath time because it was one of few times I could see and touch Abigail without cords attached. This also meant that very close monitoring on our part had to be done with her coloring and breathing, but I loved seeing her beautiful face with nothing else -- and also the monitors off of her chest.

Now, I have a little girl who loves bath time and makes a dash for the tub when she hears the bath water on. Aahh -- how I love it!! She is just so much fun!! I have to keep her from eating the faucet - as the picture shows she loves to do. She will also be walking before I know it. She can walk herself along our couches and when she falls, she is falling more slowly (if that makes sense).

I am so excited for Christmas!!!! She has been pretty good with the decorations.... I am just so excited that she will be with us at the family stuff, instead of me practically wanting to cry as I longed to have her with us. (I keep praying for her good health to continue -- so we are not back in the hospital for the holidays -- still has me nervous.)

Oh ya -- and have I mentioned that our cutie has become quite the little beggar? She comes and begs at our knees when she sees what we are eating -- far cry from the little baby who prolonged her hospital stay due to eating issues. I have also had some comment on the amount or fervor with which she eats -- makes me happy and very grateful.

Thanks for sharing in my little sentimental moment....

Then and Now

I love her smile in this picture -- I love the love for life you see in the face of children!

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