Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with Abigail

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our little family. We couldn't help but think of last Christmas and just feel even more grateful for this Christmas.... Christmas morning Abigail woke up and John had her join us in bed. We enjoyed playing around in the bed with her making "Abigail sandwiches" and playing "peek-a-boo" with the sheets.

Modeling her Christmas dress after Church on Sunday

The week of Christmas was very busy -- We went to something every night, but we had lots of fun. We enjoyed getting a nap after church today. Monday was the extended Merrill Family Christmas party -- and you all got to see Abigail with her candy bar. Tuesday we had a blast at a concert a friend of mine invited us to -- Thanks Kellie! Wednesday was the extended Jones Family Christmas party. Abigail had lots of fun playing with her second cousins that are her age.

Christmas Eve was spent with the Merrills. John's parents have us over for a nice dinner that we all dress up for. We enjoyed delicious homemade tortellini. We read the nativity from the scriptures and Grandpa Merrill played the piano while we sang carols. You can see from the picture below that Abigail also wanted to play the piano. We opened gifts from each other and enjoyed yummy cookies.

More about Christmas morning....We just relaxed and enjoyed being together. Abigail was somewhat into presents. Santa brought her some more Legos/Duplos. This set was a zoo. Her and daddy have already had fun playing with it. She also got pajamas and an ABC Church Book from mommy and daddy.

The extended Riding Family Christmas party is Christmas Eve, but we were with the Merrills. However, it is also tradition to go to Grandma's house for lunch. So, we spent the afternoon visiting my grandparents (Riding and Jones) before my family's Christmas festivities.... Here is Abigail with my Grandma Riding.

My family has dinner together on Christmas night and opens our gifts from each other. Abigail had fun playing in the wrapping paper. My five year old niece loved that she had most of her aunts and uncle at her finger tips to play card games-instead of getting the attention from them one at a time. I just had fun holding my little nephew.

We hope that you and your family were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas season. We are so grateful to have had so many family and friends to share it with -- and most especially to have our little Abigail with us this year.... My heart goes out to the many who have ever or will have to spend Christmas in the hospital.