Monday, December 14, 2009

Toddler in the House

I feel like I have been posting a lot more lately, but I also feel that Abigail has been changing so much the last little bit. We put her to bed for the night and she wakes up looking different -- crazy!! She is bigger and/or something about her looks different.

I was in the kitchen alot this weekend, which means Abigail was there more, too. I am so glad that our oven does not get hot on the front -- or I would have to really worry. Abigail was intrigued by the oven as some cookies were baking.

It is like a whole different face seeing those top teeth....

I decided to just let her keep doing what she was doing for awhile -- because until we get latches, she will probably just keep going back to it -- and with it being the first time, I was your classic "first time mom" and thought it was cute. (However, I don't think that thinking will last long at all.) We are also starting try some suggestions that we got from our neighbors about getting her to stay out of some things.

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