Monday, March 30, 2009

Latest Doctor Appointment

We went to a second pulmonologist appointment this afternoon. Abigail will still be on oxygen for at least another month, but she was lowered down a setting again. We are still restricted to indoors, but she said in a couple of weeks we could go outside for about 15 minutes on a really calm day. We also can start using her monitor only when she is sleeping. She is still having some little apnea and heart episodes, but they are brief. With when they are occurring, the doctor thinks they could be related to eating and reflux. She recommends that we maybe thicken her food a little more. (I am also needing to get in touch with the speech lady from the hospital to follow up with her eating.)

All in all she is still doing a terrific job!!

Here is a picture of a position she went to when I set her down while sleeping.