Sunday, March 29, 2009

Road Trip!

I was a little nervous, but we took Abigail on her first road trip - and, hopefully, we won't regret that choice! She did GREAT!! and mommy and daddy enjoyed a new adventure out of the hosue.... My sister was playing Gertrude McFuzz in EAC's production of "Seussical the Musical". She did a fabulous job! I know that I am biased as her big sister, but people we knew at the performance were commenting on her good job - as well as watching her receive compliments. There were also some people seeking autographs from performers.... If my sister makes it to Broadway, I won't be surprised. Her voice has just blossomed, and she is such a natural on stage.... I have just got some really great sisters. The other two are enjoying fun adventures at Disney World. Wendi is helping with Music Festivals and Tiffany is taking pictures of park guests (you know those PhotoPass people you see around the parks)

The trip to Thatcher is nearly 2 1/2 hours. Abigail slept most of the way. We picked up Marilee and went to R&R Pizza for dinner. I took lots of chances on this trip, but Thatcher is a small town, and it seemed like I could keep her away from people - which is what the Pediatrician said we needed to do. It is a farming community - so I am worried about the effects of all the dust on her lungs, but I tried to keep her protected.... Between dinner and the show we went to see of friend of mine that lives in Safford. On my few trips there to see my sister, I have only actually been to her house once before. The last time I was in Thatcher, she actually met me at the Arby's - so I wanted to be sure and get a good visit in and see her and her house.

Abigail pretty much stayed wide awake during the whole show. I only had to get up once to stand in the back for a few minutes. Her big, beautiful eyes were just trying to take it all in. If you know Dr. Seuss things well, it will come as no surprise that the show was full of lots of bright colors in the set, lights, and costumes. We only had a couple strangers trying to take a peek. I have decided that when people ask her age that I will just say she is a couple of months ld. Saying she is four (almost five) months makes people wonder what is up, and I almost feel like I am lying when I say she is just over a month old.... Anyway!! It was fun to show her off to a couple old friends.

Working on making sure we have everything we need for the trip

Proud Aunt Marilee

Remembering fun times at EAC.... Wow! beginning almost 10 years ago.

We just hung out in the back of the Yukon with all of our stuff.... We went with my parents and my grandma.

Measuring up at 20 weeks.... We are starting to pull out the next size of clothes.... This week I went with my friend to Carter's out in Chandler. Between their sales and her coupons - lots of good deals. However, I realized how crazy it is and that I never thought I would be choosing outfits based on how easy it is to get them on/off with oxygen (for outfits coming up soon).

I love taking pictures of this cutie!! John got a cute one of her smiling on his phone, but I can't seem to do it with the camera yet.

We are off to the pulmonologist on Monday to see how her lungs are doing....


Erik and Kellie Anderson said...

I didn't know you went to EAC! I did too. Back in 1997-1999 I must have just missed you. How fun that you got to go back there and see your sister in a play. EAC what a fun school!

shelly said...

AHHH I love the pics of you and Abby together you both look so cute! I remember when Kayli was a baby how I always loved dressing in the same color of dress she was wearing for church. She is just soo adorable that's great that you were able to take her on a little road trip.

Marilee said...

Thank you so much for coming. You have know idea how happy I was to see you guys there. Give Abby loves from her favorite aunt mar :) love ya!!