Friday, December 5, 2008

Abby Graduates to Cpap

Sporting her new Cpap. She is also having fun with a pacifier.

I know she really isn't smiling, but I still think it is really cute!!

Playing with her tongue

Look at those beautiful eyes!! Abby is hanging out under some warmed-up blankets to get her warmed up after her bath.

Getting ready to get bundled up for some sleep on her tummy

Abby has made some good progress the last few days. We were able to find measurements from her birth, and she has grown about an inch. She now weighs about 2 lbs. 10 oz. (as of yesterday). They are increasing her feeding amounts every nine hours (instead of 12), and I think she may now have passed the amount she was receiving before the infection and blood transfusion (and they had to stop for a little bit). She is tolerating the feeds well, and the doctors want to increase the feeds more to be able to get her off of the IV soon.

Tuesday night she got to get a bath in a tub (filled also with blankets). Daddy got to give her a bath for the first time. (I was definitely video taping-sorry no still pictures.) The two baths I gave her were just like a sponge bath, but she is getting bigger (too bad I didn't get those documented, but John couldn't be there).... She wasn't happy at first about the bath, but quickly changed her mind. Then, she wasn't happy when we took her out of the nice warm water.

Yesterday was a big day, and exciting for me. When I made my daily morning check-up call, the nurse said they were going to pull out her breathing tube and see how she would do on the Cpap. They weren't convinced she was ready, but they were already having to pull the tube out because she needed a bigger tube. So - the doctor said to let her try the Cpap. The nurse did not know when it was going to happen, but she would call me to come down if it was before my regular visit time.

The nurse called about 10:30 and said they wanted to do it as soon as possible.... Momma threw things together and left. They let me help contain her and talk to her while they did it. Who wants a tube pulled from their throat and little prongs stuffed up their nose? I spent the rest of the day with Abby cheering her on.... Not that I want my daughter to cry, but it is so good to hear her again. Her little voice is quiet and raspy - while the vocal chords heal from the tube between them, but it is soooo cute!!

It is a hard thing to go from a machine that breathes for you to a machine that helps keep pressure in your lungs, making it easier for you to breathe on your own. They said the first time might only last a few seconds, a few hours, or she keeps it. Sometimes their little bodies just run out of energy.... Abby is doing well so far. She has had a couple of "Brady" episodes - meaning her heart rate dropped to a dangerous level. Two of those times the nurse had to go in and wiggle her. However, today's nurse tells me the doctors are not concerned about that yet. I think Abby just has to help her body remember everything it has to do on its own now. Yesterday, they said to give her minimal stimulation (like no Kangaroo Care) because she needed to focus all of her energy on breathing.... So, we will keep praying that she continues to learn how to breathe on her own. She will remain on the Cpap until she graduates to the next step or needs to go back to the ventilator.

So, we continue to do well. One of her doctors has stopped in to see us a couple of times this week and says things are looking good for how little she is.


shelly said...

Good job Abby! Thast is so exciting what a little fighter! You guys are in our prayers and were so excited your little girl is doing so well you need to post some video of that cry infant cry's are so adorable.

Rachel Hanchett said...

That is GREAT! Congrats on your little fighter! Sounds like she is going to be a fiesty little one! Can't wait to meet her in person!

Tanya Leigh said...

Way to go, Abby!! So, how long was she able to handle cpap? Is she still off the breathing tube? That is very exciting. Still praying for her!

Love & Prayers.

Marilee said...

She sticks her tongue out just like her favorite aunt!! Give her my love! Miss ya!!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear that Kim! Keep up the good work Abby!

Merrill Family said...

Ron and I are in town and would love to come and see you and Abby on Thursday night. We would come around 7 and drop Karlie off at the unit for her shift. We would sneak a peak at your precious girl and give you two hugs. If that works for you, that is great...if not, we understand!! You can call me at 801 712-7166. Karlie says Abby sure is a fighter and is doing so well. We are thrilled over her progress.
With love
Karen Merrill

Erik and Kellie Anderson said...

Kim that picture of Abby with Santa is so precious. I also wanted to say Ya Abby for fighting so hard you are such a sweety!

5tlc5 said...

It is so cool to see your photos and read your feelings. It is awesome becoming a parent anyway...but Abby's story is a miracle. Thanks for sharing it with me.