Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Six Weeks Old to Abby!

Abby's nurse said it well -- It is amazing how something so little can impact so many people.

Each Sunday it seems that I have been remembering the weekend Abby was born. Strange how something can go by so fast and slow at the same time.... Abby was weighing 3 lbs 1 oz today. She has a different CPAP mask and was also able to get the pressure setting lowered this week -- getting closer to graduating to high flow oxygen. Her reflux is still giving her issues, but she seems to be building up more strength. The medicine must be working. She is tolerating cares better and is keeping her oxygen levels lower than before. She is doing such a great job!!

We continue to feel so wonderfully blessed. I have had some neat experiences - mostly talking with people this week. I just feel so much gratitude in my heart -- I plan to post about it soon.

My ward/neighbordhood friends threw
us a shower this week. It was so much fun!! Thanks girls!! I look forward to when Abby is big and healthy enough to join your walks and play days!!

Showing off her new CPAP mask.

I thought the preemie onesie would still be HUGE on her, but it seems to almost fit.

Getting her all nestled in bed for a nap before we left her for the night.

Holding on to the binky

BATH TIME!! The nurse had some oxygen making bubbles for a jacuzzi bath. It is fun how they try and make things fun for the situation. Abby tolerated the bath well -- didn't really get upset. She gets to be free from the CPAP for a few minutes. (The oxygen mask stays near because she can't do it all by herself yet -- Yeah! for posed pictures!)

Happy Six Weeks!-next to the bear

The nurse said we needed to be sure and take a picture of her in the Cinderella stocking.

My new life - running a dairy farm.


Tanya Leigh said...

GO KIM!! I am SO impressed that you are pumping like a pro! ... as Ryan said to me while he was nursing at about 6 months old, "Moooo."

Thanks, Ry. Like I didn't already feel like that ;)

the weird neills said...

Hi Kim~

Evan and I received your Christmas letter today! I received last years and meant to make one this year, but I didn't get around to it. :) Maybe next year!

Congratulations on little Abby. She is so precious! I am excited to follow her progress through your blog... if you click on "The Weird Neills" you should be able to see our blog from there. I will add you as a friend to my list!

We should definitely get together sometime and catch up after the holidays are over... I would love to see you!

Love, Paula Neill

morinsqueen said...

Wow! Did you pump all those bottles? I just discovered your blog today, so I have just read the entire thing. What a lot of progress she has made! I would love a chance to come visit her when I am in AZ this month. Is she allowed visitors? Hang in there!