Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Abby is still doing well, overall. Most of the issues she continues to have are pretty standard for her size. She is pretty much three pounds now - she has been 3lbs and 2lbs 15oz the last couple of days. A diaper change can make a difference for her. We are also helping her stay more contained and not make lots of sudden movements so that she does not burn extra (and very needed) calories. There are different specialists working with her for development. The Physical Therapist has been working with me to help me learn ways to help her - since she missed lots of important time in the womb. Helping her not make lots of sudden movements is one of them. We are helping her learn how to smooth those movements out.... Isn't neat that they even know all of this about these babies?

She has been having some stomache and reflux issues and is getting some medicine to help with that. She is also anemic(sp??) again, but this time they are hoping medicine will do the trick because they don't want to do a transfusion if they don't have to -- not wanting to expose her to another donor. Her other big issue is her lungs. She is having a hard time weening from the oxygen, but they say all of these factors kind of contribute to each other. The anemia makes her tired, which makes it harder to breathe... and the cycle goes on.

They tell me she is still doing a great job!!.... It is just a miracle that she is even alive!

Thanks to all of you for your continued love and prayers!! It reminds me of Elder Bednar's talk about the "Tender Mercies of the Lord". There are the rough days when John just holds me and tells me it will all be okay and I wonder how much longer, but yet there are so many good days and so many people checking on us and making sure we are okay. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

It looks like Abby is enjoying a nice day at the spa. She got a bath, was fed (through her tube), and a head massage when we put the shampoo in her hair.

Doesn't she look like she is getting bigger??

Enjoying her beautiful face as she is momentarily free from the CPAP.... Her poor little head is having some shaping issues because of it, but they should correct themselves when the CPAP is gone.

Five weeks old!!


Linda said...

I am a friend of Lenell's and was very touched by your blogs on your baby Abby. My grandson was born at 27 weeks and weighed in at 2 pounds. He came off the respirator at almost 3 months. If I could offer a few words of wisdom that I learned through all of it.
1) Talk to her, tell her you love her. My grandson will sometimes ask me why I said something and I think "I said that when you were so little and in not the best of health". I explain why I said what ever I said and he is okay with it and goes about his business.
2) Hold her close when you can and let her know that she is safe and you will protect her. My grandson needed protection.

My grandson will be 8 the end of January, we (my husband and I have had custody of him since he was 6 months old). He is a thriving little boy with some developmental problems because of other circumstances but he is a joy.

If you would like to email me I could give you some other information that may be of help to you. Put something in the subject that I will know who you are and not think it is spam.

God bless you and Abby,
Linda (

Tanya Leigh said...

Oh, you look so happy, Kim! We still pray for you all, and I am happy to see she is progressing! Good luck getting over the anemia!

Love & Prayers.

Nellie said...

I am Susan Hancock's Aunt. My friend Linda (who commented above) wanted to leave you with some sweet words. I know you don't know me (LeNell) so I just wanted to explain. I think we are all touched by your family and little Abby's struggle especially those like Linda that have gone through the same experiences. You are in our prayers!

Stephen and Erin said...

That pink bear is looking smaller and smaller!! Way to go Abby!!