Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary Sweetheart!

Even though I have devoted this blog to sweet little Abigail...

With everything going on, it doesn't really seem like it today - but John and I have been married for two years now. We are going to one of our favorite restaurants (where he took me on our first date) on Saturday.... We borrowed the idea of switching who is in charge of planning the anniversary and who plans Valentine's Day, but we are putting that on hold until next year. (My idea because of our current life...) However, that wasn't good enough for my sweet husband. He made sure to wait to eat dinner with me (I am home late on Tuesdays - so we don't eat together), and he made sure to have things ready for our traditional rootbeer floats.... plus going out Saturday is all his doing (when I was supposed to be planning)....

Our first anniversary was a little more eventful. We took a great trip to San Diego. We went to the Temple, Sea World, Balboa Park, a fun outdoor mall, and visited his great-aunt. The only thing that held it up was my tired/sickness from beginning pregnancy number one.... We had a great time!!!

I just wanted everyone to know what an amazing man I married. Our first year we grew close together with mostly fun adventures - wedding, moving, honeymoon, and a few other fun trips.... This year we have grown closer together trying to start our family - and hospital visits.... I remember how sweet John was as I sat in the ER for the miscarriage. He didn't know what to do - and asked if he needed to get my mom. He was the only person I wanted by my side at that moment (even though I love my mom very much). I asked him never to leave my side during the experience, and we were both not happy when the hospital separated us for a short time. He stayed by my side and tried to think of whatever he could to improve the situation.

Then came our beautiful surprise and miracle - Abigail.... I obviously would not be in these situations without John, but I just yearn for him holding my hand and staying by my side through them. During these fun times he has been so attentive to my needs - even in the little things: eating Starbursts and giving me the strawberry ones because he knows they are my favorite.... He is just so amazing and wonderful, and I don't know what I would do without him now in my life.

He gets cuter and cuter with Abigail, and I know Abigail loves him, too. She will be asleep and wake up for just a little bit when she hears him.... Oh, I am so excited to bring her home - hopefully soon.

We were set up on a blind date - and now look where we are.

HONEYMOON TO COSTA RICA - where John served his mission

OTHER FUN ADVENTURES JUST BEING TOGETHER: Flying (just before we got engaged), building a home, Las Vegas - to see Josh Groban, Disneyland.... we had such a fun year!!

Hospital Trips and our Beautiful Miracle Baby

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!


Brent and Terina Maldonado said...

Happy Anniversary guys!!

Tanya Leigh said...

Happy anniversary, you two!! What a cute couple you are :)

Chris and Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys make an adorable couple!