Sunday, January 4, 2009

We had a GREAT day with Abby today - she had a little bit of a rough day yesterday -- which made today even better. She was struggling with her levels yesterday, but was doing so much better today. It looks like it could have been a number of things - reflux, constipation, water in her oxygen tube.... She also apparently missed us coming in at our usual time. The nurse almost called to tell us, but she knew that I was at a Baby shower for Abby and I. (Thanks! mom and sisters -- and the many others who helped) We didn't stay with her long because she just needed to rest.

TODAY - Abby was alert and ready for us at our usual arrival time. She got to drink from a bottle for the first time today. She did a FABULOUS job!! The nurse even said she was impressed. We were ready for it not to go well -- because that is normal for these little guys. Abby was able to drink about 12ml of the 35ml she receives during a feeding. We also heard that the doctor said she could be moved to the Continuing Care Nursery (CCN) when a room was available.

Then, at the end of a family thing with my mom's family, I got a call that Abby had already moved to CCN. I was so excited!!! John was nice enough to let us go back to the hospital to see her. (It was getting kind of late, and he has to go to work in the morning.).... It is so awesome to see her in that room!!

Our little Miracle just keeps doing so well, and we just keep counting our blessings!! Thank you for your continued love, faith, and prayers!!

Abby's new room

The nurse showing us how to feed her.

Mommy practicing feeding Abby.

Finding a new position to help Abby get comfortable.

Hanging out in the bouncer chair

Happy Eight Weeks!!

Nite, nite Abby!!

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Tanya Leigh said...

oh my! What fantastic news! Congratulations little Abigale! - that bear is looking smaller all the time :)