Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Nine Weeks

Happy nine weeks old my beautiful angel!!.... Abby is getting closer to coming home. Tonight Abby was going to be reduced on oxygen (high flow to low flow) -- I'll be calling to check on her in a little bit.... They said that the only thing really keeping her from going home is eating all by herself. When she can master bottle feeding, she will most likely come home. She is doing a great job with eating, but it takes a lot of energy for her. She doesn't seem to have the energy to always be fed with a bottle. They don't want her burning too many calories, because then she will start to lose weight - which could keep her from coming home. Right now she is about 4 lbs 5 oz.

We are so very excited, but scared!! We have been continuing to get her room ready - setting up the rocker/glider, finding a dresser/changing table, etc... We also got the stroller and carrier all put together. I have been having a harder time leaving her again. I am sure it is because she is doing so well and so close to coming home.... She may come home with oxygen, but that is not a big deal.

We had so much fun with her today. We spent a few hours with her and got to do a lot with her. She got another good bath - She must really like them, because she tolerates them so well. We got to feed her a couple of times - including a little bit of nursing. (YAY!!).... I wouldn't leave tonight until I had her nice and asleep - it makes me feel better.

Modeling another cute outfit.... Green is such a good color on her! This outfit says "I Love Mommy"

Modeling the hat Mommy made for Abby. I was given hat looms while in the hospital. I had plans to make hats after receiving them. If I recall correctly, I started this hat, and then I went into labor. I barely finished it this week.

Modeling "my heart belongs to daddy" onesie

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Marilee said...

OH I WANT TO HOLD MY LITTLE NEICE SO BAD!! however, i can wait :) I think that it is great that she looks good in green, that means we will match alot!! hee hee