Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Bed for Abby!

Abby is still being her wonderful, little cute self... She was able to graduate to an open bed. It sure gives us more room in her little room.... We gave her a bath today, and she tolerated it really well. We didn't even have to increase her oxygen levels during it.

John and I have been busy at home getting her room ready. My brother put shelves in her closet, and her crib arrived on Monday.

For anyone in the "Twilight" craze, John and I have now both completed it. We received copies from two different people at the beginning of our hospital adventures. John finished his copy a long time ago, but I was finally able to complete it earlier this week.

Goodbye to the Isolette... Hello to the bassinet...

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Liz O. said...

Hooray for Abby! That's so exciting that she's out of the isolette and that's she's so close to 4 pounds now! I can't wait to meet her.