Monday, August 17, 2009

First Family Vacation

**WARNING: This is a VERY long post....

Yep! That's right.... Courtesy of a sister who works for Disney and some saved money from Christmas and winning one of those store survey things (Ya -- People really win those things from Babies R Us -- I was surprised, too.) we took a somewhat last minute trip to Disneyland. My sister was talking about it, I was wishing and thinking about it in my head, and the next thing I know John is saying we should go.... I know that Abigail won't remember it, but I will.

We left Friday afternoon and came back Sunday. We cut some time off the trip by picking John and then his sister up from work.... Abigail and I had so much fun -- and John and his sister said they did, too!

We stayed at a place that was a little older, but you just had to basically walk across the street to be in the park. I had found another place that was not as close but had a free shuttle, but then I found a site that had this place for about the same price.

We basically just needed a place to sleep and that wasn't too dirty -- I have become somewhat of a germ freak trying to keep Abigail healthy.... The beds were not that great, but it was alright. Our biggest problem was limited electrical outlets. We were using the one on the lamp for many things.

I also thought this place would have been fun to stay at, but it was a little more money, and we would have had to pay for a shuttle or parking in the park....

Here is Abigail playing with Auntie Cristina as we got settled into our room.

This little girl was so happy to be out of the car and had a hard time getting/staying asleep in a new place... but how can you be annoyed at losing sleep for a night when this face is looking at you?

After maybe four hours she was awake again, and this time I put her in bed with us (like 6ish).... About an hour later she just rolled over and had her head up with a big smile - ready to start her day.

John knows I was all about the pictures on this trip.... He was very cute and had the camera out and going before I even asked.... Here is one of Abigail as we are about to leave for the day.

Just before Abigail got on her first ride at Disneyland - "It's a Small World".... We practically walked on.

This partially empty boat shows the low park crowds we enjoyed for the first little bit in the park.

These are the eyes Abigail gives when she is trying to figure something out,

but most of the time she was busy looking and enjoying herself.


Sitting in Minnie's chair at her house

Meeting Minnie and Mickey: She wasn't too sure what she thought, but then she wanted his nose.

Waiting in California Adventure to get on "Toy Story Mania"

Abigail and I made a couple of visits to the Baby Care Center. I didn't know about it until recently. It is kind of in a quieter corner of Disneyland. They have places for nursing, changing baby, and even some high chairs for other feeding. You can also see the picture of the potty training toilets they have.

enjoying the paper on the changing table

Having fun with Auntie Cristina

We are biased and think Abigail is gosh darn CUTE! However, we can't be too far off after all of the compliments we got -- which often included Abigail responding with bigger smiles and cute sounds.... She is quite the friendly and social baby.

She loved seeing so many new things.... I thought the noise of the fireworks might scare her, but the most she did was cuddle with me once in awhile - otherwise, she was staring at all of her new discoveries.

Look at those tired eyes -- The Carousel was the last ride we did -- We were going to do more, but decided we were all too tired -- and I later discovered multiple blisters on my feet.

We also went to the Aladdin show in California Adventure and the Enchanted Tiki Room -- Abigail was enchanted. The video camera kind of captured it, but it is darker in there -- so you can't really tell. I think we had more fun watching her than watching the birds in the show.

My John Arthur working to pull out King Arthur's sword -- Yes, I am that cheesey, and John is a good sport

...and a good time was had by all.... Abigail slept much better than the night before.

It took all day, but John got me my traditional churro as we were leaving -- no worries, the third one is for his sister.

Thanks to my sweet husband for making sure the few things I really wanted on the trip happened -- He was such a good sport about taking pictures, and he made sure I got a churro.