Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Life Lately

It's been a little crazy and sometimes stressful around here, but we just feel so blessed for all that we have. When there has been a rough day, all we have to do is take a look at Abigail and we are lifted for the day. Plus, I also love that I have John to wrap me in his arms -- He is such a great guy.

At our latest doctor check-ups Abigail is about 22lbs and 29 1/2in long. Can anyone believe she is already sixteen months old? She is almost old enough for nursery. She has gone with me to nursery a couple of times while I go do some singing time. She didn't want to go back with Daddy last Sunday -- So I gave her a few extra minutes more to play before heading back to Primary. She is pretty much always walking and is doing really well at standing herself up without a wall or couch and even bending over to get something and get back up. She sometimes likes to pick-up her pace, but this tends to lead to falls. She says "Da-yee" alot - which stands for "Daddy" and lots of other things. I am getting to hear "Mom" more and more. She was doing some signs for "please" and "all done", but she appears to have stopped using them in the last couple of weeks -- and we can't get her to use them anymore.

She loves to be wherever her parents are and imitate things we do. John found her sitting in her chair pointing her remote at the TV. She is also a big fan of playing "Peek-a-boo" now - which also includes her taking the dish towel off the oven door and pulling it over her head. She especially loves to play it with her Daddy when we let her sit in bed with us in the morning. It is one of our favorites.

She is currently trying to bust out teeth #9 and #10. She had a couple of rough nights a little while ago, but has been fine -- and we don't know if they were teeth connected or something else. That particular night the poor thing had to get a middle of the night shower to clean up the mess. However, her misery is back with a vengeance the last couple of days. I am watching to make sure there are no other symptoms - in case it is something else, but the poor thing had a fever for almost two days. All that she wants to do is be held and cuddled. It is very sad, but very cute. I have been up with her the past two nights, and I am starting to feel a little under the weather - which I think is due to my lack of sleep. John offers to take her, but I told him he needs to get his sleep. He also feels bad for both of us, but I have no complaints. I wanted to be a Mommy, and I am loving it.... It just breaks our hearts for Abigail because she plays for like five minutes and then is back to laying her head down. Her fever seems to be gone now, though. Hopefully, her appetite comes back soon -- darn teeth coming in. Even as I type this blog entry, the poor thing is just sleeping by my side.

Abigail seems to love books -- good thing being in the Merrill family. Grandma Amy gave her this cute little Abby-Cadaby book that makes sounds. She also got a big box of books from Daddy and Grandpa Merrill at a recent book sale. She loved seeing them.

Abigail loves computers. I have recently found some sites that are made for toddlers. Try

We have a little soft baby brush. We have "Mommy's turn" and "Abigail's turn". We make "pretty Abigail" and "pretty Mommy" - and even sometimes "handsome Daddy".

Here is a dress Abigail got from my Aunt. She looks so big. We just got her the shoes, and I am just in love with how cute they are.

John tried to get a picture of her with the remote, but she stopped when the camera came out.

Modeling another birthday gift dress that she now fits into. She is sitting in her new rocking chair -- I got it for a picture. I still need to get another picture of her piano. It looks so much better black.

Poor little girl -- trying to get some more sleep in mom and dad's bed.

Little Cuddle Bug