Saturday, January 23, 2010


A few months ago we started talking with John's sister's family about going to Legoland. We had a free ticket from something I had gotten John for Father's Day and her boys had been wanting to go. Her boys saved their birthday and Christmas money; we used some Christmas money, and we found every discount that we could find (including sharing a big family suite) to take a trip to California and make it somewhat affordable.... What started off as a trip to Legoland turned into three theme parks and the beach. (We had just been to Disneyland, but I couldn't help myself but to go when the other family said they wanted to.)

It was a fun trip! and we look forward to more trips like it.

Just hanging out a few minutes before Disneyland "officially" opened for the day.

First ride of the day: Kathrine and I took the little ones on the Rockets while some bigger kids got to ride "Star Wars".... Ya - got a little dizzy on that one.

The mommies with the babies on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

The results of enjoying an Oreo cookie from Uncle Mike.

Riding "It's a Small World" -- can you tell she was getting a little tired??

Quite curious waiting in line for "Peter Pan".

Abigail was starting to get into seeing the characters - especially their noses - but when it came time for a group picture with her cousins, she wanted nothing to do with it.

She finally succumbed to sleep in the afternoon.

Having fun in Californina Adventure

Enjoying her free corn tortilla from the mini Mission Tortilla Factory

Daddy and cousin Simeon being tough

Having fun on the Toy Story Mania ride

Looking out the window on the Finding Nemo Submarine ride.... This was the first time I had rode this ride since its re-opening. The line was always just too long.... This was our last ride of the night. John and I became crazily brave and insisted on keeping ALL five kids so the other three adults could ride the Indiana Jones ride. Thanks to the advice of a Cast Member at the Finding Nemo ride, I waited in the Nemo line with the two babies while John took the three other boys for the requested "one more time" on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride.

This became crazy because I think I forgot to factor in that the strollers would not be with me while waiting in the Nemo line.... So, there I was holding a 20lb (and then some) baby in each arm. My phone rang some where in there with updates from the other adults. Some people in line then told me they were first impressed that I was holding two babies, but then just topped it off by managing to answer my phone.

We got through the line before John got back - so we just waited on the side at the front of the line.... Before long my nephew was crying and Abigail just wanted to get on the ground and crawl. I was just trying to stay calm and was imaging that some people probably thought I was so crazy sitting there with these two toddlers or maybe just felt sorry for me because they had "been there and done that". They let John and the boys through and we got on the ride. It took some effort trying to keep kids from falling as all seven of us piled into the little submarine ride - with not much railing to hold on to.

In the end it was all worth it when you saw the excitement on the kids' faces. Of course, one baby fell asleep and mine kept flirting with the boy next to us. Once in awhile she looked out the window - amazed by the colors and new things she was seeing.

We had fun, but also worried the boys' mom because they called to tell us they were done -- but we were on the ride and couldn't answer our phones.... So, I had to take a picture of us and caring for five kids.

The Dads taking another turn at pushing the strollers -- We had three strollers on the trip.

Traditional picture at the front of the park -- even if it was as we were leaving....

This little cutie just seemed to have so much fun!!

Having fun with Daddy while he was playing card games with the cousins.

Catching a nap before going to the beach -- she looks so big!!

Day two of our trip was a "rest day" from the parks. It gave us a chance to take Abigail to the beach for the first time. She loved it! - including eating the sand and all.

At the end of our "rest day" we needed something else to do to tire out the boys. So, we went and explored Downtown DIsney -- being that we stayed across the street from Disney property.

We found the Lego store - which got us all more anxious for our trip to Legoland the next day.

On our walk back to the hotel the boys wanted to run in the big open (and very empty) area between Disneyland and California Adventure -- Go for it!! Wear yourselves out!!.... Then they discovered the fun of taking pictures with the giant California letters. They didn't turn out very well from being so dark, but we had fun anyway!


I am still very much a Disney fan (no worries family of mine), but I thought Legoland was lots of fun. There was not alot that Abigail could do, which is another reason we are so glad we went with the cousins.... We hope to go back when we have more kids and they are a little older -- and I am sure they will be in love with Legos like their Daddy.

Abigail needed her morning breathing treatment - we had decided to give it to her in the car because of the drive to Legoland. Well, we blew a fuse at the beginning of the drive and had no nebulizer or GPS. Fun Times!!

We found the Baby Care area and there was this little chair. Abigail fell in love -- and now loves the chair posted about earlier.

Throughout the trip, Uncle Johnny was a favorite. I believe it was at California Adventure that tears were even shed because of not being able to ride with him at the time.

Enjoying Apple Fries -- never heard of them until now... not bad!

Not sure if you can really see any differences, but the before and after reactions of the different boys was sometimes pretty funny.

Abigail and Benjamin enjoying conversation -- too bad no one else knew what they were saying

Having fun in the area for the little ones. I think it was some kind of Duplo town.

Judging from this picture taken as we were leaving Legoland, I would say that Abigail liked it!


Sleeping through the Shamu show

Abigail loved being able to look at so many new things.... I wonder what it was like seeing those things for the first time when I was little??..... I love the joy and wonder found in small children.... Abigail also loved that she could touch so many things.

After another fun day, we all loaded up in the cars and headed home.... The drive home seemed a little longer than the way there, but I think that might have lots to do with the fact that I came home with the cold John had left on the trip with.

We had lots of fun -- and it was fun being with the cousins. It meant for more adults to help in taking care of kids and riding the rides.