Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Lights

I have been loving watching the Holiday Magic through the eyes of a child this year. Abigail has been loving lights even before they were up. She loves looking at the moon.

We have had fun driving around to see lights this year and looking at the lights in our own backyard.

We went to see the lights at the Temple with John's family. The three two year-olds just love Auntie Cristina. Abigail had a hard time holding still on this trip. She just wanted to see everything.

One house had a little blow-up train and a penguin kept popping up in the back. Abigail's first reaction was quite the squeal of excitement and joy.

The Arizona Republic had a map of light displays. We enjoyed seeing so many awesome displays - including some that were programmed to music.

30 Years

I turned 30 back in October. I can't say that I was very excited, but the day went well - even with Abigail's doctor appointment and me having to work in the evening.... John left me flowers and a note before leaving for class.... I also spent the week trying to do something small most days like a friend of mine did. (Which - I think I still have a zoo trip with cousins and grandparents to post about.).... After the doctor appointment we just enjoyed being together as a family - per my request.

John surprised me by making me one of my favorite meals - gnocchi(sp??) I love the homemade stuff from my mother-in-law (compare all the ones I eat with it). John had her help (the chicken had to cook most of the day for the broth). While I was at rehearsal, he and Abigail went to grandma's to finish making it.
I was VERY surprised and loved it!! It made for a great ending to the day with my little family.

He topped it off with one of my favorite desserts: strawberries and cheesecake.

The other big birthday fun was an overnight to a resort. This is partly a big deal because it was the first time I left Abigail like that. I have been away from her for work, but John was still home. She also was left with Grandma one night because we were out late and would have been dropping her back off early the next morning.
It took me awhile to decide on going, but I am glad we did. We found a last minute deal on Hotwire.

John slowed down as we turned in because he already knew I would be getting the camera ready to take a picture.

Here was the view from our room.

We pretty much did nothing, but enjoyed being together. Here are some fun views from walking around the resort.

We even went all out and ordered room service.

Minus getting stung by a bee while relaxing in the pool, it was a fun time. After checking out of the hotel, we went to Arizona Mills Mall. We ended up with a few fun things, including the Mickey and Minnie Abigail sleeps with now.... However, I was very happy to be back with Abigail.

Summer Project

Ya -that's right....Summer Project - trying to catch-up....Towards the end of the summer I finally figured out what I wanted to do in our Master Bathroom. As you can see from the before pictures, it was pretty much all white. We are pretty proud of our work, and things went pretty well - except a mishap with the toilet, but at least the whole things didn't need replacing. I also have yet to touch up a few spots between the ceiling and wall..... I have been wanting to post pictures for awhile, but kept forgetting. Today, I cleaned the bathroom and remembered to take pictures before it was dirty again.... John and his dad did a great job tiling the floor. I was inspired by another friend to refinish the cabinets to somewhat match our bedroom furniture color. I learned a lot for the next time I take on a project like that, but I am not looking to do so very soon.


No Doors...


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blogging Catch-Up

Scroll down....I have been working on finishing some posts that I started weeks ago, including a fun time of cookie baking with a two year old (have to click on "Older Posts").... Happy Christmas Week!!

I finished up my long-term sub job and hope to get caught up on December - including Abigail's latest ear infection. (We didn't get much sleep in our house last night.)